I never thought I could see well enough to do 1:48 scale but once I tried it I 

found I love it and anything else looks too big! The Tudor house was my first 

project and I scaled it down from  1" plans in the Miniatures Projects magazine 

from UK. I work totally from scratch and make every element in each project. 

My goal is to achieve as much realism as possible and to challenge myself as 

much as possible.
Trash to Treasure is put on by the Quarter Connection Group. Members who sign up for this are given a package with many items such as a fabric square, paper, cardboard, chenille stems, and usually a lot of other items. Members must use at least a bit of everything sent. Sometimes a box or a frame is included and at other times we must provide our own container. These projects stimulate creativity and are a lot of fun to do. Members vote on their favorites and usually there is a prize for the top 3.

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