Ever since I can remember I always wanted to make art. As a child myfirst recollection was a compliment from my father on a drawing. . That was all it took!

 I took painting classes, sculpture, art welding, and on my own I taught myself all of the needlecrafts and stained glass. I later put that knowledge to work teaching arts and crafts in an adult education program.

We moved to Hawai`i and I found I could take art classes at theUniversity There I studied pottery, glass blowing and sculpture. I found that I loved working in hot glass and with much trepidation
overcame a terrible fear of fire. Sculpture was mixed media and I learned to work with such diverse media as paper and metal, bronze, and much more.

Happy accidents have given me some interesting results. Hot glass folded on itself gives a crinkled and activated surface. A ball that came off the blow pipe and cracked without breaking apart became "The 
Crystal Ball."

Many of my sculptures are related to the Holocaust - one is a wall of glass bricks that were blown and sawed in half. Painted in the background is a path between ovens going to infinity and along the path are bits that spoke of the people who were there. Another piece is a cast round platform with glass figures piled haphazzardly on top. Over this is a glass Israeli flag with a bullet hole shattering the center. It was inspired by the Sabra/Shatilla incidentof 1988 in Israel and I call it "History Lesson." A stack of torn newsprint squares glued with a flour/water paste that became slightly moldy at the bottom (it was an
accidental and unusual but wonderful effect) became a smoke stack.
Ruach in Hebrew is air, breath, spirit.

I later moved to the Big Island of Hawai`i and here I live in a sub-tropical rainforest-like area. There is a lot of greenery and lots of rain but so much beauty surrounds me it is very conducive to creativity.

As I mentioned before it was apparent that space would be rapidly outgrown and I had a love of small things so I scaled down my work to miniatures in 1" and later 1/4" to a foot scales. I turn tiny vessels on a small lathe and sometimes these pieces become sculptures. 

I love making things that are old, dilapidated, worn and show their age and lack of care. There is an old fisherman's shack, and a woodworker's shop in an old barn from a previous era. The lathe is an old fashioned treadle lathe. I usually make almost all of the bits and pieces I use from scratch so it does take me a very long time to complete even the simplest project. A complex project can take much longer. I recently completed a project of the Fleet Street pie shoppe and barber shop of Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. I need to bring up to date the blog I created to explain it and when it is published I will add a link here.

I sell my work if anyone states an interest in it, but I primarily work to satisfy myself. If anyone sees something on this site and wants to buy it please contact me. Some things shown are no longer available but I can usually make something similar.

My plan for this site in the near future is to add a page with tutorials which will be changed periodically. Watch for it soon.
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